History and our own life experiences teaches us that our luck can go up or down and that no building enjoys complete good fortune for ever. This is because we are affected not only by the physical forms in our environment, but also by certain invisible energies. These energies are dynamic and change over time and hence we need to design our buildings so that they face towards an auspicious direction in order to promote good fortune and well being.

This aspect of Feng Shui is called ‘Compass School’ and it requires us to make very accurate directional measurements. The compass, or ‘LoPan’, is therefore an indispensable instrument for the professional Feng Shui Consultant in ascertaining the influence of these invisible energies.

In modern terms the relationship between Form & Compass School can be compared to the ‘hardware’ & ‘software’ of a computer. they are interdependent of each other and can not be separated.